August 7, 2011

My Apologies...

My apologies, diary for not writing lately! I've been busy, busy, busy keeping up with Dollywood life. We all know how that is...

I'll apologize in advance for rambling...

Anyways, I wanted to write about a few quick things. First of all, I wanted to say how much I miss my boss, Baya (EliteNews). I haven't talked to her in the longest time but I've seen her around at parties and such.
I also wanted to move onto a bigger topic about what our world is really about. I've layed quite low in Dollywood for quite some time now. Just silently observing, watching, and (I'll admit) even sometimes trying to mimic what it really is like to be an "Elite" here in the world of fame, fashion, and in most cases, the most important of all, friends.

I've been to parties, dressed up, and sometimes made a fool of myself for absolutely no reason. I've made a few friends along the way who I am blessed to have. But you see, it was all just a test. Who is real in Dollywood, the land of Stardollians, and who is... how to phrase it? Fake? Phony? Plastic? In a way we're all plastic here...

One person who I am extremely grateful for is my friend, Linda (Elite-girl). Out of all of the people I've met so far, she seems to be the most... real. Diary, I'll admit. I'm not an Elite. I'm not an expert on high fashion nor do I collect DKNY, LE, or Hotbuys and show them in my suite to shove in everyone else's faces that I have more money than them. But Linda seems like one of the people who really seems more interested in just being nice than looking through the contents of your closet. That's what I really appreciate.

Then there's also the heartbreak that comes with Dollywood. (and I once again, apologize for rambling). If you read my diary earlier you'd know I had a brief love affair with a boy named Noah (StardollsGossipGuy). He left the Dollywood scene a while ago without a trace and hadn't picked up my calls or responded to my constant e-mails. I figured that it was time to move on anyways. Besides, if you stay with the same guy for too long in Dollywood the press gets bored... ask J-Lo ;)

I had a spring fling with one of my male friends from way back and things just didn't work out. It was keeping me too busy to even blog or talk to my other friends. It was just quite an unhealthy relationship and I shouldn't have kept it on for as long as I had. I loved him in every way and he just used me. I cried virtual tears for hours on end. It wasn't a good experience. For a while my days in Dollywood were dark. I barely left my suite. I just locked myself in my penthouse and cried like a virtual princess. And since then I was saved by a virtual prince that had been there all along.

It's amazing how you can be completely blind to something thats been there all along. But when one door closes, another opens. And I'm extremely thankful for that.

I guess my point of this entry is to write (in an EXTREMELY long way, sorry. Once again.) even in the pressure of being an Elite or a famous Dollywood hero, don't befriend the people who will leave you stranded in order to get their hands on a new limited edition item from the StarPlaza.

In the words of an anonymous on my formspring, "Don't go for the most beautiful person in the world, go for the one who make your world the most beautiful."

Olivia xoxo


For those of you who actually read that entire thing through, I thank you. I know it was really long but I felt I owed it for not writing in so long.
The reason why I had been so behind in writing was because I just recently came back from the hospital after a major surgery on my back. I'd be happy to talk to anyone about it outside of here but I doubt anyone wants me to keep rambling xD

Thank you all for your support. And thank both of the two beautiful people I mentioned in this post. I really do appreciate how raw and real you both are. <3