July 21, 2010

Getting Ready

I pulled up to a parking lot filled with limos. I felt so out of place in my Toyota truck. I might as well just stood up through the skylight roof and yelled “LOOK AT ME EVERYONE. I’M DIFFERENT!”
Oh Lord, I thought to myself. This is the beginning of a loooong day.
I walked into a lobby filled with beautiful girls. One again, I was so out of place. I looked at Lauria and all she could manage to do was mouth “You’ll be fine”
I walked up to a woman who gave me the up and down look. “Are you here for the janitor job?” She asked.
“Uh.. actually I was here for the personal assistant...” I couldn’t blame her actually. I was so underdressed compared to all of these girls. But maybe thats what landed me the job that day... maybe I was different.

Anyways, I was given an estimate of how long I would be waiting (2 hours) and I could already feel the butterflies in my stomach. I pulled Lauria into the bathroom. “I cant do this” I said, “I really, really can’t”

“Nikki, look how far you’ve made it already. Look at all you’ve done. These girls may be dressed like homecoming queens but you have something they don’t.” She said. “What is it?” I said, starting to calm down. “Uh... I dont know I was just trying to be dramatic” We both laughed. “Now you go in there... and you show Baya Nikolas whose boss.” She winked. Thats when I knew. I was READY.

I walked in with the most confidence I had ever had. I saw something change in Baya’s eyes. I don’t know if she was interested in me... or just amused at what I was wearing. Either way, I knew that I would get this.
“Hello.” she said, “Are you here for the interview?”
“Yes I am.” I stuck out my hand “Nikki Giovanni. Future personal assistant.”


Nojarama said...

hehe! love the ending!! Attitude 8-)

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