August 9, 2010

Finding A New Friend in Alice2078?

Diary, I’m sorry I haven’t written in so long but I have GREAT news! I got in! Can you believe it?! Nikki Giovanni- from a girl in a pickup truck, to a future Elite and FAU student! Not to mention I got to meet MARY freakin’ Semenchenko!
I can’t say much about the interview itself because its confidential but what I CAN say, is that it went very well and Mary was impressed. As soon as I got home and took a nap (HEY... don’t judge... being this awesome is TIRING! Haha!) I phoned Lauria right away.
She of course, was thrilled and wanted me to email her pictures of my amazing trip to Paris.

Well, now that my interview was complete, I got into my DREAM school, and pretty much earned the life that I had been dreaming about since I was young... maybe it was time to do some sight-seeing?

I put my hair up and my makeup on and stepped out for a fun-filled night. There was only one problem... I had no one to share it with. Of course, I could invite Baya... but she was my boss. Heaven forbid I got a little tipsy...

I met a waitress at the bar. She was GREAT. She was fluent in English (she had studied it in school since she was young) and she was extremely easy to talk to. I could tell that we would be really great friends. Her name? Alice (Alice2078). She told me to come back to the bar sometime to visit her. She was easily bored at this bar because it was so small and not very well located. It was great making a new friend. I really enjoyed her company on my night on the town?

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