August 22, 2010

The Outcome of the Scandal and FAU News

Yesterday, Noah and I made a public apology about the picture which was released to the press a few days after it happened. We had no intention of it getting out and we were trying to keep it personal. We apologized to everyone who was offended and (sparing any details) I shared how it all happened and how someone had hacked my computer and released the picture to the media. I think that it would be best if we both moved on from the incident.

On a much brighter note!

My days in FAU have been great. My favorite teacher, Miss Christine (Gweneee) has started teaching me different ways of interesting writing! I have been studying how to have a successful interview! (I'll post the details later!)
Anyways, our assignment was to try to get in contact with someone famous and interview them with a few brief questions. Since I really didn't know anyone else of interest I decided to get in contact with Super.Critic (Stardolls most known JUDGE!)
In a little while I will put up pictures and I will share the interview with you.

Good bye for now Dear Diary! <3
Love, Nikki

Yes readers, its true! I actually am in the process of interviewing super critic! I just need for her to answer something for me quick and I will post the interview up here!

And I AM sorry about my previous post if it offended anyone... However I dont regret it at all.

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