August 26, 2010

I Finally Got my Interview Back andd...

Phew, it was taking her so long I thought that maybe I didn't do that great! What a relief! Anyways, heres the interview with Super.Critic that I promised....

Nikki: What gave you the idea to create SUPER.CRITIC?

Lois-Lee: I was browsing a suite and noticed that this person could do a lot better, i.e I could give them some advice to help them have more of a chance of winning Miss Stardoll World. It then sprung upon the idea of having an account that did that.

Nikki: Wow! Thats a great idea! And do you think that your account is a success?

Lois-Lee: Personally, I think I am being a bit harsh. That wasn't my intentions, I wanted to give feedback not cause a riot. I think, so far, I have had a lot of negative comments which brings me to believe, it's not been going well.

Nikki: If I am correct, you have received a lot of negative feedback because you are not a critic on your real account...why on anonomous?

Lois-Lee: I am anonymous for a reason. That reason is so it is easier, I find that if I used my main account and said all this I would not only damage my reputation, but loose friends. Be shocked all you want, I do actually have friends!

Nikki: I believe you! Despite what I hear you are actually a very nice person to talk to! What is something you look for the most in a medoll?

Lois-Lee: Thank you. I look mostly for their suite and outfit. I don't like to criticise their medoll especially if it is based on real life, that could damage you outside of the Stardoll world extremely badly and I wouldn't like to cause that.

Nikki: Yes, I agree. Why do you think people originally got angry or frustrated when you came to their suite?

Lois-Lee: I was too harsh or they couldn't cope. Either one. I have taken into account that I was too harsh at the start and hopefully will have changed my ways on criticising in such manner.

Nikki: Well I'm glad you take feedback so gracefully! Its been great interviewing you! Last but not least, who is your fashion icon in dollywood?

Lois Lee: I don't have one icon, there are different styles maybe, but I don't have just one.

Nikki: I agree! Its good to have your own styles!

Lois-Lee: Yes!

Nikki: Well its been great talking to you! Thanks for being so generous as to have an interview with me! (:

Lois-Lee: Thank you.

What would YOU grade this interview, reader?

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