August 2, 2010

A Strange Encounter.

The next day before my interview for FAU, I decided to go for a jog around the city. I looked around at the beautiful cafes and shops. As I was admiring the sights, I guess I wasn’t really paying attention to where I was going... I bumped into a tall man and we both fell over. He helped me gather my belongings and when I looked up, I thought my eyes would pop out of my head! Diary, you won’t believe it... it was Stardoll’s Gossip Guy, NOAH! He was amazing. I pushed myself up off the ground and stared at him for at least 20 seconds. I’m pretty sure he thought I was a freak... but diary, it was the best 20 seconds of my life. After that, he just handed me my things, and walked away. That was weird...

After my weird encounter (with the hottest guy EVER) I walked back up to my hotel room and took a nap. I had a feeling this was the beginning of a loooong day.